The Joseph Center will provide housing to twenty-six veterans for a period up to twenty-four (24) months.  We will work closely with the Department of Veterans Affairs to insure that all Veterans seeking services are eligible for the program.  All Veterans entering the program must come directly from a substance abuse treatment program.  While in the program, a case manager will be assigned to work with the Veteran until his discharge from the program.  The Veteran and his case manager will develop an individual service plan, which will address the Veteran’s needs.  All veterans will be provided the following services:

  • -Life skills
  • -Medical, dental, and mental health services
  • -Career counseling
  • -Job training and employment
  • -Assistance with obtaining financial benefits (SSI, SSDI, VA, GA, food stamps)
  • -Substance abuse after-care
  • -Individual and group counseling

All residents will be members of the resident council, where they will develop leadership and conflict resolution skills.  An on-site computer lab will be available for each resident to learn basic and intermediate computer skills, use of the Internet, resume preparation, and searches for employment.  All Veterans will receive assistance with obtaining housing at discharge, and will receive community follow-up for up to twelve months.

Criteria for Admission

  • Must be referred directly from a substance abuse treatment program or have 30 days of documented sobriety;
  • Must be free of medical, physical, or mental health problems that would interfere with achieving treatment goals;
  • Must have a desire to change present lifestyle;
  • Must agree to follow program rules and regulations;
  • Must agree to develop an individualizes treatment plan with a case manager and agree to on-going evaluations;
  • Must be homeless as defined by H.U.D. and meet the Department of Veterans Affairs’ eligibility of medical benefits requirements.